Children in the 3 and 4 year old Preschool classes follow similar
curriculums areas, with the activities geared toward the developmental
level of the children.

Preschoolers are busy exploring the world around them. Through interaction
with their peers and teacher, they are learning about themselves and
others and what they can accomplish with their rapidly emerging skills. 
They are building with blocks, classifying and manipulating objects,
questioning and exploring new ideas and cultures through books and
interactions.  A typical day includes a circle time, learning letters and
numbers, math manipulatives,large and small group activities, story time,
music and movement, snack, and outside play. 
Field trips are also incorporated into our curriculum. 
Our goal for the preschool group is to provide the children with a strong foundation                                                  for a successful Kindergarten experience.
Preschool Program
Little Friends Preschools
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